Do you have a story to tell? Are you a nerd, geek and/or a hacker? Do you like the terminal? Then Updweb is maybe for you. Updweb is one of the most simple blog/story tools out there. It's html, css and python. No databases needed. It follows the unix/linux "everything is a file" motto and uses ssh to update your webz. It's simple, fast and neat.



Get the latest version

git clone https://rbckman@bitbucket.org/rbckman/updwebitor.git
git clone https://rbckman@bitbucket.org/rbckman/updweb.git

How to

Server side

On an apache server clone updweb directly to your '/srv/www' folder. Open updweb/config.py and do a the right setup (you know how to do it, i believe in you). Dependencies: python-imaging.

Client side

Clone updwebitor wherever you want. Configure everything correctly in 'config.py' (I believe in you). Open up 'updweb/htmlhead' and 'updweb/htmlfooter' and make your site however you want it. Updweb will generate the story feed between the default div. Generate ssh keys for your server. How to here. You are ready to go!

Known bugs


bugs here